Monday, November 17, 2014

RE-Xtreme Ninja GPX-R

RE-Xtreme Ninja! Moving to the dark side to become a drift assassin.

The Ninja's weapon is this Kazama Auto 風間 GPX-R Full Option Chassis conversion with a host of extras

Street Jam OTA-R31 1/10 Drift Chassis.

Kazama Auto GPX-R 1/10 R31 Chassis Conversion Kit


Kazama Auto Black Carbon Upper and Lower Deck,
Kazama Auto Black Carbon Suspension towers
Kazama Auto Black Alloy Motor Bulkhead.

Additional Kazama Upgrades are as follows.

Kazama Auto Alloy Sus Arms Black Front and Rear
Kazama Auto Alloy Front Knuckle Silver
Kazama Auto Front One Way Diff
Kazama Auto Front One Way Solid Cup
Kazama Auto Rear Solid Axle
Kazama Auto Alloy Pulley Black
Kazama Auto Alloy Steering Black
Kazama Auto Alloy Super Steering Post
Kazama Auto Stainless universal Bone 53mm front and rear
Kazama Auto Alloy Cam Adjuster

Street Jam original upgrades include.

Street Jam Heavy Metal C Hub
Street Jam Heavy Metal Bumper Support & Black Alloy Bumper Support
Street Jam Alloy Motor Mount Black
Street Jam Alloy Next Stage Pulley Holder Black
Street Jam Alloy Bulk Head Black

Extra help from niche market suppliers Tail Slider, Active Hobby and Speed Way Pal.

Tail Slider Spur Gear Mount Black
Tail Slider Spur Gear Holder Black
Tail Slider Spur Gear Holder Silver (opt)
Tail Slider Rear knuckle black
Tail Slider Bumper Support Black
Tail Slider Carbon Diffuser mount

Alloy Turnbuckle Black
Active Hobby Rear Link Suspension (Normal included)
Full Counter Pulley Set.

Kazama AutoHigh Spec Fan

Additional installed components currently include Electrics from Accuvance and a Futaba Servo is adequate for steering.

Keyence Tachyon Carbon Speed Controller
En Route KR 9.5 Motor
Futaba S9551
Assan Gyro
4wd to 2wd is OK!
En Route Damper Black.
RC Art Lower Spring Holder.

As purchased body

D-Like ZZ30 Soarer body BLACK with
Yokomo Buckets and LED
High mount 3d wing and
Front intercooler.
Speed Way Pal muffler.
Speed Way Pal Mesh Chrome Black Wheels
Kazama Auto Premium Tyre

coming soon to the development zone.

Go Go Tail Slider!


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