Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Street Jam R3R Kazama GPX-R TailSlider Debut...

With not much experience in the R31 world, I enlisted some mechanics to help me out.

My Tail Slider tuned is tuned a bit differently however getting the basics right required the knowledge you only get from owning a particular brand for a while. 

Knowing that 1mm here and 2mm there makes a huge difference. It's where the 2mm can be used to best effect is most important.

One way direction... check
front CVD length ... check
Knuckle steering speed and position ... check.
CS up... check.

the result is a bit of a monster. the Ninja has it's own style . the biggest dynamic comes from 3 layers of weight on top of the front bumper support.  

But this is a useful technique for obtaining front grip. The Kazama chassis is a derivative of the RC-ART / STREET JAM group with many components shared among White Wolf also. This one wears some weight up front for balance. 

There are more than a few R31 derived chassis running at GCRC so expect a few more Street Jam related posts as I build more knowledge of what upgrades work well.

First impression was excellent in a totally different feel to how my Yokomo chassis are working. More input for the brain. 

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