Sunday, November 30, 2014

GCRC Drift Boss #2 - Qualify.

Clipping zones, speed and style. Try your best.

It's not an easy task to get the right line. My weapon for today was my 180sx. No, It can't get any lower.

 Some others also looking very impressive.

I can't actually remember who did what today. 

When you spend most of it looking through the lens, you have to catch up on what happens later.

All I know is this looks awesome. 

There are a few danger zones, the end of this wall, definitely stopped me a couple of times. Others getting it perfect.

Focus in the forest! Cool!

in the slide zone!

Mustang was looking good.

Isuzu Bellett has a great presence. I'd love to run my Gemini with this.

Photography was a group effort where my car is concerned.

S14 with a real rocket bunny attached.

EVO 10 always looks cool!

in the groove.

R31... Square but cool.

Slide by.

Flame on gentlemen!

86 on FIRE!

The Second focus cruising nicely.

This is what it takes for the maximum attack. Live on the wall! That's the out clip.

An that's an in clip! Takumi Fujiwara would be very proud!

Both of these drivers are in the "Youth" category.

The end of this wall donates another in clip. Attack it if you dare!

Top Qualifier. # 6 JZX100 

Super Smooth!

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