Wednesday, November 12, 2014

GCRC Shoot!

Tonight there was a bit of a special event at GCRC Gold Coast RC Raceway and a meeting of sorts.

While you may have seen some of Danny Huynh's artistic body shells on the web, One man has been on a mission to collect many of these awesome artworks. 

Being Artworks, they are not really mounted on these chassis, but it's nice to see them in a different environment.

While some may be destined for the shelf.

This one is installed and used and abused like some others up in Queensland Australia.

So it was a pleasure to lay out some of my own creations beside these incredible machines.

And even try a few of my rims against these MONSTERS.

Complementing or contrasting is something you can spend a long time doing.

There's also a couple of Top Secret machines among these as well.

It's great to see a different approach to body building and pick up all kinds of inspiration.

While a metallic green lantern man is not my style, the dash is pretty cool!

Crazy stuff!

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