Thursday, November 6, 2014

WTAC Flash Back

sarti-wan gogo!



FD3s of course.

Getty busy like a bumble B

I used to own an NC Roadster, While it was tuned, it was nothing like this. Funny thing though... that car was sold in 2011 and this car was in the build way back then.

Top Fuel S2000! White Lightening with fluid wind tunnel tested lines flowing beautifully over the skin..

US boys looked like bolt on bolt ons on top of bolt ons. Effective maybe, but I can't imagine the Skybox having the slipperiest profile. 

I so want to rip the sickers off this machine.

Drift Kat.

In Japan, RE-Amamiya ran in the GT 300 class. This car is now much quicker than the Super GT car ever was. Even hindered by a full RX7 Chassis and low profile Sport tyres. 

On the pulse.

love the rear overhang on this astra.

Still more to see.


  1. Ripping stickers off Under Suzuki-sans beast attack S15 would be a travesty lol

    1. But each sticker adds to the aura of the car, every one representing a helping hand to get him where he is today ^^b I think it adds to the raw feel of his car


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