Sunday, November 23, 2014

You and I in Gemini

Time for some Super Luxury Sliding...  Not sure what a Gemini is... Check this 1976 Promotion Video

Time to kick the copper Gem in the guts.

While not 100% detailed as yet. good enough to battle for sure.

readers are probably sick of my Gemini imagery, But I love it! wa haha!

Some staged shots are good.

But lets get sliding!!!!!

We had some awesome fun! these 2 Yokomo DRBs share a lot of components. The bodies are the same, so as you'd expect, performance is similar.

I tried not to scratch up the copper machine just yet, 

Staying a few cm's away from the doors.

 While still trying to keep it tight.

 But my shell is an open target.

My Yellow Gemini SL (Super Luxury) was made to battle.

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