Thursday, November 27, 2014

V2 Decisions

The Rocket Bunny V2 has taken over the development table and all the small additions have taken over the apartment. But it's all a dilemma.

Ive been doing a lot of research into the rocket bunny variations and the internet is filled with variation. Some with splitter, some without. Some with canards, some without, some with GT wing, some without, some with V2 ducktail, some with a mixture.

 Its the crazy rear wing choice that does my head in. From the front the V2 wing isn't working all that well, but from the back, I like it.

I think some magnets may give me some flexibility to chop and swap. Sometimes I just want to hang the wing over the fence!!

These rims are very close to a lot of the imagery from TRA-Kyoto's Miura-San.

I haven't really got the rim decisions yet. But I have a couple of selections definitely in mind.

To me the front splitter is an essential. The small choice in this area is how far to cut the canards.

1. so they stick to the body,
2. so they look cool!

I think I'll be trimming them in a similar manner to the side step canards that will be fitted. about 3mm for attachment.

Test fit of rear valance and side canards. With V2 wing. It's kind of the definition of the V2.

But then again. The Blitz / Up garage D1 machine has a great shape wing.

I'm also contemplating a chrome light buckets VS a black set of light buckets. Either way, the results should be pretty damn cool! 

The rear tipple German DTM style canard set is quite offensive large and will actually make the body less battle ready. I'm not sure they will make it on this one.

Outstanding Jobs are too many,

Front intercooler
Brake ducts
Light buckets
Interior Sticker Set
Exterior Sticker Set
Wing or GT Wing or both.

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