Saturday, November 15, 2014

GCRC Flash Attack.

No it's not a ghost...

With so much awesome action recently... I have to tear myself away and remember to take images. 

Today, Tonight, The boys were on fire. Sneaking up the inside... or maybe the inside line was offered.

If you are off line just a little, watch out... the opportunity is there.

This is the "normal" spacing at GCRC recently.

 But when the battle is well and truely ON, it's more like this.

Tell your battle partner if you don't want marks on the door.

Speed and Slide.

 Sometimes you find yourself out on your own.

But others are always ready to join in.

Let everyone know if you want to opt out of trains or battles.

I like to let everyone know when I have a new shell on Debut. After spending $200-$300 on a new bodyshell, you don't need it rubbed up on the first run.

I had some great close proximity runs with some beginners and the local shop pro today.

Ooh a gap!!!!

My gemini was wedged in between for most of the evening.

Follow or Lead, build the skill set.

Super Saturdays at GCRC are every second saturday and run from 10am-9pm, If you can handle an 11 hour session... go fo it.

Our eyes end up like this.... BURLEURY? WTF BRLRUY... Blurry

Until the next battle... Sleep!

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