Saturday, November 15, 2014

RE-Xtreme RC Chassis Check.

 My 3 DRBs do not just sit on the shelf. They are all well used in battle.

They are all the same ... NOT. Each one is different in its setup and components with each having it's own dynamic.

Some common components exist on them but while some may look the same, many are slightly different.

Long time readers of my blog are familiar with this chassis.

Bought from new in Japan, it has received numerous upgrades over the last 4 years. But although de-anodized, at it's heart it is still very close to a stock DRB in specification.

The main can't do without items are the Overdose KPI C-hubs. Stock chassis plates and motor mounts still in place. Only CS 2.2x. Delicate finger work gets this motivated with constant opposite lock. 

True JDM in this one.

This red DRB is the next fun machine. I've been aquiring a lot of parts to make it near to Full Overdose Upgrades. However improved with newer parts released since the run of OD parts ended.

OD Chassis Plates, Steering, Modified OD Motor Mount are the keys here. But the Yokomo V2 suspension arms and WUN upper A-arms allow a lot more steering lock than the Standard DRB can provide.

Countersteer Ratio is currently 3.0x on this one. A healthy quota of weight is used on the front to get RWD style dynamics.

I'll be keeping this chassis as close to 3.0x but the way it makes that ratio will change soon as my test chassis results are .

The 5.0x Counter-steer machine has been down graded to 3.7x. Being a test chassis, I am still playing with many many many variations including basic lever sus on this machine. Play is fun. Kazama mount and V2 front end provides flexibility in setting, 

Next mods will be low scrub radius front KPI knuckles.

If you think progress on my chassis development is slow... That is true. While I have 6 running chassis with 3 of them DRBs, I enjoy driving them much much much more than bolting on another alloy part. I haven't seen any new chassis out there that does anything too different to what the DRB offers.

 Sanwa and Keyence Electronic Setups are the choice although I do have some non-sanwa servos.

It doesn't matter what chassis you start with, most can be tuned in a similar way.

However consider these major things that will influence how a chassis handles.

1. Chassis Flexibility. This can even override suspension tuning.
2. Weight distribution. Probably people consider this the most. Motor Battery layout and the weight in those components changes the balance point in the chassis.

If you go with a 4WD chassis, consider the above with a change to counter steer pulleys. how far you go is up to you, but an increase in counter steer plays a big part in RC drift that can still give you a feeling of control without electronic assisted steering. For RWD, the first 2 points apply. the latter is replaced by another more complicate list of settings.

Have fun!

Drive Drive Drive.

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