Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Artists are strange creatures... When an artist is given a brief, the resulting collaboration can expand their own horizons.

This shell is the result of a collaboration between a well known artist and well known collector that wanted something extra special.

While not mounted in it's final stance. With the body bagged on the deck, I had to capture the esscence of Australian Muscle.

The Seven point star is a representation of Australia, the green and gold for competition.

The constellation of the Southern Cross is an Australian icon.

As is the Ford Falcon 351-GT Phase III with Handling Option.

With the handling well and truely optioned. The addition of the custom made number plates finish the beast very well.

When I first met the owner he was running another 2 of these bodies but has since collected over one hundred RC shells.  

Perhaps another tripple HO photo-shoot will be coming soon. I'd like to get a Aussie style meet happening soon too.

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