Friday, November 28, 2014

D-Like RE-R Hybrid R

It's always surprising to see new developments.

What you see here is the latest in the RC drift evolution. The D-Like RE-R Hybrid Drive utilising on the rear section of the hybrid layout.

Number 157 in fact.

Standard features are full alloy and carbon components.

 Slide rack Steering. Long Suspension travel and high A-Arm Setup. this allows adjustment of the king pin inclination to be inside the wheel scrub radius.

Adjustable rear toe. rear shock adjustment is vastly different to most current chassis points.

 This is a heavy chassis that is very strong. thick bulkheads and large diameter turnbuckles are all for accuracy of movement. Usually a belt drive for the front and one way would be installed, but this owner has opted for Rear Wheel Drive only.

Gear drive for Sound. Bevel Gear controls drive to the rear spool. High mount battery is the latest layout.

Thick chassis for ZERO flex. The days of flexible chassis are gone.  Accuvance BS Dual 13.5T Luxon Motor peeking through the chassis cutout..

The chassis hides under this monster S14.

Work Equip Rims 20mm up front and 26mm at the rear. Wrap Up next rear tyres getting the grip required.

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