Monday, July 2, 2012

2012 July Chassis Checkpoint

"RE-Xtreme Tsunami Spec RE-DRB CSG 1.5" is a well balanced fast drift machine.

 "RE-Xtreme Tsunami Spec RE-DRB SSG HT OD 1.8" is a wild and crazy fun machine.

Settings Sheets are included below, so take a look and you may see something interesting.

I always run on carpet. So these setting may not suit.


Something about the blue and black that works well. I really like this recently.

The addition of the new wire really helps pretty up the chassis.

crazy 13 degree camber requires a few changes. I've upgraded all the drive shafts and axles with RC square items as well as shorter front turnbuckles for stability.

It means on full lock and compression or rebound. things are in the right place. I'm still running Yokomo Suzuki long springs on this chassis. I haven't found a better setting... yet.

I run Kazama premium tyres on this one too. They give slightly more traction than my other tyres.

I run a black Keyence street jam works ESC set which includes the 7.5T but I only run at about 73-80% power.

click for larger image of the "RE-Xtreme Tsunami Spec RE-DRB CSG 1.5".

let's move onto the HT chassis.  "RE-Xtreme Tsunami Spec RE-DRB SSG HT OD 1.8"

Currently Tsunami spec includes Blue alloy. This one will soon get the silver alloy "typhoon spec"

While it may look similar, the front suspension setup is Overdose 8-8 and there's a full overdose axle set.
RC926 twin springs allow many shock setting variations. I'm still finding the right one here.

Kazama FXR are +10 and I run small offset spacers depending on body. these are now 1.5mm wider.
Speaking of the body. I run about 300g of extra weight under the roof.

I have an aerial post on this but it's un-needed and looks ugly. I'll be cleaning up this chassis a bit more soon.

I can run a slightly larger spur on the HT chassis. Normal chassis is 84 max, HT can handle 92 max. Kazama 1.0mm spacer can handle 88max I think.

Setting sheet is here.

Click for larger picture.

Happy tuning.

I have DRB Chassis number three available for purchase soon. very similar specs to this. Contact me if you are in the market. I also have my special TA-06 2.2x cs full tune chassis for sale.


  1. Hallo M8,
    Great chassis you got there! I was wondering what rear hub you use on these chassis en do you have a link?

  2. Rear hub carrier is Yokomo 0 deg or 0.5 depending on chassis.
    Hub clamp itself is yokomo 5 mm or RC Square 5-8mm adjustable.
    Axles are RC Square or Overdose.

  3. 300gm added to the shell!? This is insane. You must tune the springs and shocks for more grip. Not just by adding weight. Just my opinion.

  4. Anonymous...

    I'm not after grip actually, I have plenty, The weight I use helps the car slide more and transition faster. around a near central pivot point.

    Try it... you might like it. It's a different strategy.

    It needs some trial and error to get it placed correctly.

    The chassis is already very good.

    You may notice that I never run a front bumper weight. There is a reason.

    I've done a lot of testing on my surface.

  5. Hmmm sounds interesting. I'll try to add some to my drb as well.
    Hope it turn out great. Thanks for sharing Russ.


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