Monday, July 23, 2012

Samurai 86 - Update #5 - HAPPY!

Now I'm getting there! Wow. I thought this thing would never look good. But it changed.

Even without the wing it's still just average. but the side stickers helped take width from the body line.

Visually lengthening the car with the wing and reducing the height with stickers really makes a difference.

I've tried a few things on the bonnet but it's not too bad after the screen banner reduced the window size. My main gripe.

My own design Samurai 86 sticker set is looking good. on the side, front and rear screens. 

There's a few more small details around the car. now running +12 rear and 7mm Hub. So realistically +14 offset with 7 degree rear camber. Front is +11 total with 13deg camber.

The white wheels help contrast, 

however metallic green still looks good. I was thinking about Kazama Red versions originally. Hence the choice of transparent Red spray with chrome and black backing.

Front wheels are having a little trouble with clearance about 1mm or so, but I'll sort it out at the track. run/cut, run/cut.

I modelled the Speed Way Pal fenders on Uras design. I'm sure Uras will produce their own soon.

 I have some inserts to go behind the wheels.

Finally... Pretty Happy. Tomorrow, Mirror and driver refresh. Maybe a fake dash and cage with LED.


  1. Now this looks good.
    That offset is HUGE, but still not enough.

  2. Yeah
    It's coming along
    Lights are in and driver is getting a change
    Should be a fun body

    Offset is an issue
    Setup is gonna be interesting

    Front needs trimming
    I may be able to get a couple more mm on the front


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