Friday, July 20, 2012

Samurai 86 - Update # 2

Ugly enough for you! I hate it already.

Looks like a prius. Stupid 86. Light buckets are hard to understand and paint. If you follow tamiya's instructions they will just be silver. I'm glad I have a brain and don't just read.

I mean the body is almost square. YUK YUK YUK!

Without color it kind of looked ok. but the width of this is horrendous. It's so fat the windscreen is almost 190mm!

Anyway... I'll try and make it cool. I've added 10mm Speed Way Pal Over fenders.

Massive size is rediculous compared to my Tamiya FD3s Super GT it's like a bus!

I have a Wild Willy II Driver I'll be using inside. It should be pretty Scale even with it's massive head.

And by the way. Tamiya has gone cheap. this body was 2560yen. But the stickers and masks are no longer pre-cut. So be prepared to waste a lot of time with a pen knife.

here are the differences to the real body. It's a lot shorter. the space has been take from the back rather than the front leaving the front visually bigger than the rear.


  1. Yay, I kinda like it. Saw your post yesterday and decided that I need an FT, with Speedwaypal over fenders. Turned out, you use Overfenders too.
    So, how do they fit? A lot of customization needed?

  2. Front needs extending a bit. you need to bend them and massage the lexan into shape. the rears are straight forward.

    The colour is good, but it has a few runs. Damn transparent red. I just how I can get some length into the livery. Lots of longitudinal stripes I feel.

    I've already cut about 10mm out of the fender arches to get it lower.

    it's just all wrong.

  3. Thx for the heads up on it being bulky, guess I'm going to have to find a new body for my ta06

  4. I'll let you guys decide when it's finished

  5. From the pictures, it looks ok.
    Maybe it just needs a proper body kit manufactured


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