Tuesday, July 10, 2012

KazamAttack - D1 Style

Part 2 of my look at Kazama's D-Link circuit is a twin drift battle that was taking place as I was packing Up.

D1 Driver Tanaka-san in the Green JZX110 and a person who's name I didn't get, but should have...in the S15 (gomen nasai).

The D-link Layout above s pretty cool now.  Clockwise. The circuit has become less open and more defined. While still being super wide, there is now two or three lines in most of the circuit, rather than 12 like before.

the central section is great from the hairpin down to the foreground 90 degree right is cool.

it basically starts as a drag race. struggling for traction. 

the it's turn in time very very early. Tanaka-san initiates first.

And then uses some raw BOOST esc power to run under his opponent.

I love the shot's here through the trees. but you can still see how wide the track is. Great for beginners too.

Anyway, then there's a big braking slide as you set up for the next 90 degree corner.

When you drive in close proximity like this it's nervous and fun and exciting.

But most of all it's cool... stay tuned for part 3.

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