Wednesday, July 18, 2012

LB Lambo 0-R Bling Edition.

Now this is "Look at Me" lambo style at it's best! and cheapest.

Lamborghini is not about subtle. The raging bull needs more. This delivers!

I was testing my prototype splitter today. A work in progress. but doing well so far. The lambo is a tricky body to setup. loads of downforce means it works well into corners, but mid corner it is a bit wierd.

It took a while to get right. body weights were hard to place.

I tried a few wheel sets on this today.

It's interesting drifting something like this. Not your everyday tyre schredder.

But the bling certainly grabs your attention. One of the few bodies I didn't need lights for. there are enough reflections to get your eyes working. but some LED wouldn't go astray.

 Free body, $1 tape and $5 wheel set. this represents a stupid cheap investment for a Lambo.

But the result is stunning!

In the right light, it comes alive.


  1. Could you please tell me, what body weights do you use and where?

  2. I'm currently using about 190g of lead style weights
    On the roof inner
    Placement is trial and error

    Traction is up and sliding sideways ability is enhanced

  3. We're can I source those prodrive wheels in that offset I only find them in +6


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