Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MAX-Khana Part-1 (with Noriyaro)

Always something new and interesting to see at Max One.

Something slides through your viewfinder.

This S14 with S15 front and optioned bumper was very cool!

I couldn't get a great shot though. Too much going on.

This beast was also in their team. Matt black looks good!

Now... How could I take this shot? I couldn't. Luckily tonight I had a visit from Noriyaro a.k.a Alexi

Max One poses many difficulties for photographers. Mountains, buildings and all kinds of diorama goodness, sometimes get in the way. But I love that too.

With an offer of "I'll take some shots with your camera", I shoved my camera in his hands. With about 5 seconds to learn my crap DSLR he was up and running.

 As I hunted for some opponents on track, he hunted for shots.

It is incredibly difficult in Max One lighting to get anything decent with my zoom lens, so I am extremely happy actually with these images.

From my beloved top expressway line!

To just circulating.

For me blurs are great memories.

Tandem style or

Lone circulation.

Just as much as the crisp images.

Well, as the title of this post is MAX-Khana, MAX-One set up a gymkhana course for us. 
Timed drift with a bit of a slalom and cone-navigation.

I'll focus on this in the next post. Part II

Stay tuned



  1. The first shot is awesome! Love the livery on the Tsunami, its so well thought out!

  2. Thanks. I like it a lot too.

    I used the Hurricane for inspiration color wise but the design is mine for sure.


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