Wednesday, July 4, 2012

MAX Chassis

Overdose DRB is a special thing. When you sell one, you'll probably yearn for another.

It's cheaper to build an Overdose DRB like this from pieces rather than buy a kit. Especially if you favor RC Art shocks, different size pulleys and 4mm belts, titan screws, bearings, axles and hub upgrades, steering and a lot of special pieces not in the kit.

The owner of this chassis recently sold one and couldn't live without it. Who wouldn't. Keyence Tachyon and Luxon 9.5G and a whole bunch of EnRoute lipos to keep it powered.

The Overdose motor mount offers some advantages with the facility to adjust for and aft tension right on the bridge. This is better than adjusting the troublesome O mounts in the axles. Front runs a 40T-13T front combo and standard rear pulley with 1.3 rear FCD gear for total 1.47CS ratio.

and how does it perform... well the shakedown revealed a few issues but they will be the same in any car.

All night build was performed to have it ready for today.

For haters of Yokomo. This is another option. But what do you do with a perfected chassis. Luckily Ishida-san has time to help people like me. He is full of ideas.

Here is my near perfect chassis. I love it recently. But there's always things to do.

I thought about installing the diffuser onto my Blue chassis but I didn't want to mount it under the rear alignment. Together we came up with a pretty solution.

While it looked good. 

I'm not sure whether it was too low and effecting ground clearance by touching the ground, but it certainly effected handling in a bad way. Maybe I'll try again with a front bumper weight to balance the situation and mount it again with a little more clearance.

So it was back to settings and trying to get an almost perfect to perfect. A 20t pinion to 88t combo seemed to work a bit better.

The other thing I had on today's agenda was these 10 deg front Camber Set. These didn't work well with mad camber. The geometry was all wrong. After getting it a decent position, I tried it out and I found on fast corners the extra castor gave great control or sliding into a corner from a long way out.

But small angle and not much lock it wasn't stable. So...

The 7's went back in. You can see the wear on the Yokomo items. I like these as they don't have as much play as the Overdose items, but they bind and wear. A small shim is now installed where it wasn't needed before.

That's the Blue story today.

The 1.8 chassis is still an interesting beast.

Today I ran 700 oil in the front and installed ABC slow rebound pistons in these shocks. Pain in the ass.

But the result is great. Much easier in the front and stable. Before in mid corner the soft oil would allow too much reaction to bump and create an instability. Now it's much better. Spring Rate is the same. But you can see there's only a couple of mm adjustment on the 15x2+1mm spring setting.

These drive shafts were necessary for....... CAMBER! with 44mm bones I could only run 4 deg max without hitting the center of the FCD. Now 7deg in the rear is comfortable. You will notice some new tyres also. En-Route. The profile is the same as Kazama premium.

Here is the result. However I switched back to Spice as the profile doesn't match the camber.

front is OK, because 90% of the time the car is sideways. So this view is only for parking. 

More to come... The twins are getting better and better.


  1. where did you get the dual spring spacer to run 2 different spring rates on one shock

  2. RC926 15mm long spring with 1mm spacer ring


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