Saturday, July 14, 2012

Junkyard Drb - Update

OK, the Junkyard DRB is getting ready. Just a little more is needed.

4mm belt is in. 3.5mm and many others are spare. You will notice no steering arms yet... I'll be picking these up soon.

This chassis is SSG upgrade with the older bridge. Chassis is quite stiff on this. Which makes for good suspension setting.

Universals are in stock 45.5mm and 44mm  rear with spare fronts. I'll be installing the 10 deg alloy hubs here

Rear universals and dog bones with refreshed drive cup fittings.

Chassis is unmarked.

New bumper mount (bumper) and body posts. Ball diff is new and unused. I'll be fitting the blue front alloy bumper support weight to this also.

FCD are used but have minimal play as shown here. FCD 2.0, FCD 1.8 also included and 2 x Stock Axles for 50:50.

I'm including rear 3.5 and 2.0 alignment setting bars.
once again I'll update the spec.

SSG silver surface graphite chassis and upper deck.
45 degree steering and full titanium turnbuckles.
Blue Alloy components. Many New and unused from previous upgrades.

Yokomo shocks are rebuilt with totally new o-rings and guides and bladders.
ABC rebound pistons and a few sets of springs.
Front Alloy Bumper Support
Front Ball Diff
FCD 2.0
FCD 1.8
Rear Setting bars
            RR 3.5 stock
            RR 2.0
10 Deg alloy Castor Hub + 3800
4 Deg plastic Hubs
2 sets of stock solid axles for 50:50. Normal belts and spare belts.
1 set of chrome wheels and tyres included Work emotion with ABS tyres. +10offset
a few spurs and typical chassis extras.

I'll take more pics once it's all together.

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