Monday, July 9, 2012

KazamAttack - Practice

 After Mazda's Tuning Festa for 7's day at Tsukuba, I stopped in at Moriya D-Link for some practice and a level check... I only had an hour, but OMG was it fun.

Kazama had recently changed the layout for his DLC competitions. I wanted to give it a try.

Unlike MAX ONE where a 13.5T Brushless will do. Kazama circuit is a bit different. I found my self turning up the wick here as the locals were simply running away from me.

Ahh, stupid me... EPA was set to 76%!! haha.

So after adjusting the EPA to about 95% on the Keyence Luxon KG 7.5T,  I was getting it on... Check part 3 for a whole lot of pics showcasing some door to door.

I'll also show a bit more of this in Part 2. If you don't know the name Tanaka-san in the drift world then I guess you are not really "into" it. KFC TNK is a D1 driver. He was running some Kazama chassis and conversion chassis today, but this beast with boost was going strong.

Some other guys were out just enjoying their drift packages.

Being RX7's day, this guy was even fun to drive with.

I have to do a big "shout out" to fellow rotary nutter, Alex (club 13B) who luckily became accustomed to my camera. It was great seeing the beasts in action.

I lined up for a run behind the trees and Alex was able to capture the best midfield part of kazama's layout.
This car is soooooo much slower than the 1.5 but soo much more fun.

I handed him the controller of the CS 1.8 and I forgot how hard these are to drive. As a rajicon newbie, he couldn't really drive it but with a few instructions he was able to do some donuts at least.

I admit my chassis are not easy. Even a lot of experienced guys can't get confident with it.

I didn't have time to change the rear wheels today, but they'll be something different tomorrow.

 The front lights on this look insane.

More to come from Kazama soon.

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