Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wild Rusty

Lets have a rough look at Wild Rusty.

I didn't spend long on this. It really was a rush job in an hour or so.Driver is a Wild Willy II driver set. Cost is about $5

Servo is high tec. cheapest available. I was just lucky the blue matches the chassis. I had originally planned to mount the servo inside the body of the driver, that's why there's a bug cutout in the back. 

But mounting troubles led me to simply locate the servo off the chassis and use a weak bell-crank to operate it.

I had already started to hollow out the head, so it was pretty easy to make a little adjustment to the servo horn.

The driver has a post mounted to the arm. It's in a favourable spot for the drb. First mounting with a tapping screw and plastic post was not secure, so I used metal mount and spacers to get the height I needed.

So there it sits with uncleaned up wired looking pretty ugly. I later added the stickers for visibility.

 But the chassis needs a clean up.

I have a small plan for another channel so stay tuned for the super Wild Rust.

ps. please excuse the poor photos...

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