Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Overdose Angle

I decided to upgrade the steering in the top spec DRB. I'm actually contemplating a full OD conversion...


This set comes with everything you need.

But thats irrellevant anyway. Because the Overdose DIB/DRB Ackerman Steering set I upgraded further with sealed bearings and ball joints and nuts as well as titanium screws.

Nuts! is right.

The blue ball joints were Tamiya... wrong size. a bit of binding resulted in unpredictible chassis. I switched back to titanium ones and used a small spacer and all was well.


  1. Is the overdose steering set as loose as the stock one? That's my biggest hate on the dib that the steering has play in it

  2. No it's ok.
    Play comes from the ball joints mostly.

    It will of course shake a bit loose.
    You can use a short screw from the top and use a pinion gear type headless grub screw from the bottom to keep it tight.


  3. I wouldn't mind having some play in the steering links, seems to be working better than a tight set of links without any play.

    What kind of ackermann settings are you using now? Its something I can't adjust right now on my DRB, but its something I've been thinking about after seeing some japanese cars run a LOT of ackermann.

  4. no play = binding in many cases.

    I am just running the overdose hubs and overdose links at the max position

    on the black chassis it's running yokomo 7 deg ackerman hubs.
    But both are pretty stock options. I haven't personally modified anything.
    The front axles are overdose or RC square.

    The DRB is pretty good anyway.

    If you want crazy 50 degree angle then you need to prepare shafts and everything else for it.


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