Wednesday, July 25, 2012

86 Battles - Gymkhana and More.

I think I like it!

Yes... I Do.

The finished article is freaking cool! Max one creates the scenery and lighting I need.

Front madness. Got lighting!

Rear madness. Tomei / TRD and Max One sponsors with some Speedhunters additions.

Waiting for the traffic to clear. Check those mirrors!

Ive got a wild willy II driver in this. the scale is large but it suits the size of the 86.

Will full trim set he can look directly out the side. It looks awesome in switchbacks, but you have to sit beside the track to see it.

Yes It's wide. Speed way Pal 10mm over fenders add about 7mm due to the position on the front and the full 10mm on the rear.

The 86 body is very nice to drift actually. The almost 45 degree corners on the body actually let you get right up to walls and fences. I was very surprised by that. It let's you fool opponents into the wall. Sorry!

Front has RC Square 8mm Hub and +9 N Model Top Line wheels. I let the wheels scratch away on the body to let me know where to trim. I now have clearance... Just! Camber 13 degree. Drive shaft is 44mm.

rear is RC Square 8mm Hub + Top Line N Model +12.  Camber is 7 degree. Rear universal drive shaft is 42mm to allow for this.

So with all this camber and offset, you would think it would be a dog... hahaha. how wrong you are.

The chassis is Perfect!  My DRb is handling amazingly these days. Even with my light 2800 battery the setting is wonderful.

Today I ran about 5 hours of side by side within cm, mm and less of my tandem partner. "Sorted" is probably the best description. (イイこれ!!) "Good This!!" is the surprised Japanese response to my chassis.

With the 4200 the chassis is a little unwilling to turn, but when I mean "unwilling" it is usually like an on off switch so it's actually a good thing. I only needed about 100g added to the body to counter the effect.

You can see the steering mechanism. I got a hi-tec mini servo for 1300 yen and mounted it behind the driver. His head has a small bell-crank on the bottom. It's connected to the Sanwa MT-4 4ws and I use the lever on the transmitter for trim, that way it is easy to "Pose" for static shots.

 But who needs static shots... Bring on the ACTION!

I love some of these shots with the rear brake activated and the front wheels on full lock.

This one is especially good!. I was sitting in the middle of the track spinning around. I got a bit dizzy.

But I still forget the focus points. haha.

But who cares. blur is speed!

Light is fun.

A change of direction.

Which way are you looking.... Driver <----    Car ---->   I had to remount the driver at one point. but now working well. 

Slicing through the Max One landscape.

At first I really wasn't happy with the 86. but after hacking 15mm front the wheel arch height and then adding the over fenders. I feel it is superb. You can see what i mean about the 45 degree body corners and short overhang on the rear.

I took out a light pole and ripped the body totally off today. Wings can be dangerous. 

When Iishida-san and I are side by side it's fun.

san-kyu again.

I love this shot!

stop for a minute and anything can happen. What is that!?!?

A cat... かわいい!


This is an OTA-2 front engine conversion. I drove it... Hmm. Setting is difficult. The owner was struggling all day.

a little gymkhana action today also. Exploring the Max One Layout. Variety is certainly available.

Ripping the top line counter clockwise is not easy, but I found a possible line today.

I hope you enjoyed the look at the 86 in it's home course and the other interesting stuff.

Never a dull moment.



  1. See you using the eagle mounts, only thing eagle I trust.

  2. NO... My eagle mount fell off today.
    You need to lock tight everything... I mean Everything.

    You can't tighten it much because the alloy will strip out,

    It's still junk, but not really a functioning part as such

  3. I had handmade velcro stealth mounts and they were way better than eagle, but still not good enought to conmortably use them. So, in my opinion, the best way is to stick with body posts.

    Man, FT looks swesome. Great work.
    May I ask you for some Gymkhana videios?

  4. 水曜は楽しい!

    Wednesday is fun!
    Gymkhana is super fun!
    M chassis is the fastest Gymkhana! ? w

  5. Taka,
    MAX ONEでフルコースが使うです。うれしい!SanFransiscoを見たいね!






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