Saturday, July 21, 2012

Samurai 86 Update #3

Ok... Progress continues.

Point 1. Huge body needs Huge wheels.

Point 2. Low angle looks ok.

Up hight the expanse of the bonnet and roof is very evident.

I have these tyres and wheels but I can't run them on carpet without some shaved carpet tyres.

I did forget to paint the mirrors.

My fenders are also now attached with shoo goo so a couple of days to cure then should be good to go. Plastic Surgery by DR.Extreme is looking cool. As always I had to remove the space behind the wheel for clearance.

An interior might be a necessity also. that windscreen is still killing me.

Some 5 second livery chops. in Metallic RED Black and chrome... something like this.


  1. I still like it! But this raises a question... Get the Tamiya with narrower widefenders than initially planned, or the HPI Scion FR-S in 200mm and be ready right away?

  2. Or wait for the Orido widebody version

    1. Na, I don't like the look of the kit on Orido's car, and I also don't like Yokomo shells. HPI and Tamiya are much cheaper too

  3. I'll post some fender and figment in a couple of days

  4. Agree and agree
    Yokomo shell will be too long as usual


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