Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Samurai 86 - Update #1

Project Start.

Tamiya Toyota 86 Samurai Project

This one will also be mounted on an adjustable mount. Gotta try it. I'm sure I'll regret the eagle racing mount.
It looks like it will bend pretty easily on the rear.

Wheels as pictured are +9 with a 2mm spacer... Its very Wide!

The body has some nice detail and Tamiya have done a better job of removing the mould separation line.

The body is BIG though. Maybe on track it will be ok, but size wise it's a monster. 1/9 scale at least. A bit like the AE86 bodies I guess. Just don't run with a chaser. It will look stupid.

Anyway this is the raw image.

Light buckets are included.

I'll have to research how to paint these...???

Tamiya Toyota 86 Samurai Project - Start!


  1. Hey Russ, can you include a side profile picture in your next update? I have been thinking about getting a GT86 shell for my 2013 team car, but I fear that it won't have enough overhang to handle similarly to my Soarer.

  2. I don't recommend this
    It's too big
    Now it's painted the car is all windscreen
    I've added fenders to make it look normal
    And get it mounted lower
    But shape is not good
    185mm windscreen looks stupid

  3. Is it much wider than a normal Tamiya shell then? I don't really care that its not 100% scale.. There's people running AE86's that are bigger than some JZX's, so its never going to be scale anyway

  4. I take this back.. the over hang at angle is very short. It can open up the track for you.


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