Wednesday, July 4, 2012

MAX Showtime

Tsunami Updates look awesome! Let's have a look at today's MAX adventure.

Both car's are now looking pretty good.

In action they look great. I only got a few shots in before the car battery died. If only this was in focus....

I love the way the drivers head is tilted. I may have to set up a steering driver with a mini servo of the crawler 4ws link.

 So I just have to make do with some blur and contrast. haha.

I literally just picked up the camera and by the time I had got rid of the Auto focus I was just trying to find the sweet spot when no power.

notice the blue flame in the exhaust... Maybe I'll swap it for red.

 It seems I have no trouble taking good shots of other people's cars.

If I try, it's all good. Overdose DRB here.

I wonder how long this body will run. Already over a year I think. No plans for a replacement.

I'm still pressing the guys to put drivers in their cars.

Having not charged enough batteries for a good driving start to the day. I found myself with lots of downtime.

Can anyone in America get me an X4 plus 50 AC charger?

Anyway, I had time to shoot these. Yes by now the diffuser story should be known. If not it's in the previous  post.

I'll have to work on it a bit more cause it looks cool.

Anyway. The final part of this post, I'll devote to the RE-Xtreme TA-D7 and SGT-D7. Scroll down at leisure.


+ AWESOME DRB Silver Surface Graphite


go to your "Happy Place"

Another Body... Black Red and Silver... Hmmm thinking.

Don't look too close at the blue Kazama wheels. I ran a larger spacer today and scraped a lot of paint off on the body... doh! Running close side by side also doesn't help. a lot of wheel clashes today...

I call wheel clashes "INU-chans" because when you get that wheel to wheel or wheel to poly carbonate "ROAF" soun, it's sounds like a dog. 

fronts on the Green car are getting punished also.

But still looking good.


  1. Hi!
    First I just want to say that your blog is one of the best r/c blog I've ever seen ! :)

    Your tsunami RX7 is soooo damn cool !

    But I have a question for you : what PAPER did you use for your custom "tsunami" decals ?Because I want to make my own decals too :)

    Have you got any links for this paper ?

    Thank you !

  2. I use products by A-One in Japan.

    But I doubt they are available internationally.


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