Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Max'n the Craze - Track time.

When I arrived today at Max One. the guys were already going strong. lap after lap like this as we chatted. 

Yamada-san getting in some practice for the "Oyaji" (old man's) drift comp he's be running.

Iishida-san (s14) is my benchmark. You think you are doing well, until he goes all out. Most of the time he's just running slow to keep you close. haha. He's one of those guys who can run a consistent line all day long.

But the benchmark is getting closer these days...and it's awesome fun to run side by side through your complete set of batteries.

When I lead, the guys have their work cut out for them, because my line varies a little. Something I'm really working on.

Anyway, you've probably seen the truck by now. I couldn't resist this shot.

And one here too. Decorated Top Line DRS-10 looked ok, but VERY "RC" like.

A few small things on the HT chassis today.

I spent yesterday, replacing all the bearings for sealed versions and 4mm belts in the chassis. But you always forget to tighten something.

My spur gear cover left a trail of titanium all around the track, before it jammed in the chassis.
My rpm sensor also copped a bit of damage. haha! could be an excuse to get an Overdose one or remove the blue.

 I wanted to get the green machine up to speed. The Spice tyres I have are not that good. They are quite hard and therefore get limited traction. I swapped onto various sets throughout the day and I found the following.

Kazama Premium. Best.
Top Line "Moon" Good
Spice... Average. But on the blue car, Spice were acceptable.

I ran the Moon tyres on these top line N models with a little decoration.

Then I went to work and destroyed the front of the body after a session of quite high speed drift with VDF II and TT-01. Little margin for error always has dire results. Regardless of ability, I prefer the close transitions and fun style, Not the super intense speed craziness. Race Drift is not for me.

Canards... GONE! Body.. Cracked. Maybe it's just an excuse to paint it matt black!

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