Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dorizaru NA

M-Chassis lovers will go crazy for this! Miata / Mx-5 / Roadster NA6

It's just a shame my  photography was not up to the task today.

The owner uses the tag,  Dori-zaru or Drift-Hell. So everything is BLACK! 

I tried to give it a little colour! Blood red of course.

The drift line for an M chassis car is very different. Its almost like a motorbike Line. They can go so much faster and use more of the track. Thats cool too.

Check out this image: from D-HELL!


  1. Forgot to ask on Facebook. What chassis is underneath the Eunos shell? I have a 4wd M-chassis too, but never really drifted it. I already find racing my very very low budget modified M04RR fun enough :)

  2. Taka has many chassis.

    check down the side. TT-01 M. F103 A210 etc etc


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