Monday, July 16, 2012

Circuit DR.

Wa Ha Ha! RC Circuit DR. is a bit of fun and evil. Layout is made for maximum side by side.

 This is another track my friend Allen visited in the Kanagawa region. RC Circuit DR.

I'll be heading here soon! There are a few new circuits in west Tokyo also but unfortunately they are far away for me.

The layout seems to be a good size. Heading up the centre section you can get good speed ...

before sliding into the top hairpin.

Then the return journey is also pretty quick with a nice round entry...

into the Gundam corner, before rounding the skull corner back up to the top.

You know the track is good when it attracts groups like this. 

that create unbroken drift trains.

Lap after lap.

These guys seem to still be running the ever popular Chasers and Mark II as well as the 1J engined machines that smother Japanese RC circuits.

They look cool though.

This one aint half bad. the huge watanabes are cool.

Thanks Allen for checking out the tracks. He will be back soon in his Hachi and RWB porsche. It's cool when you can drive your Hachi to the circuit and run your RC Hachi.

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