Tuesday, July 10, 2012

KazamAttack - Drift after Drift

OK. Here is where I'm at. Friday's Level Check has been passed!

Bare with the photography (Alex's first time with my camera) ... It gets better! as does the driving

Alex accompanied me to Tsukuba to watch some real drift at the 7's day Mazda Tuning Festa. On the way home, I took a break for an hour to relax... and do little RC. I thought, but I got caught up in a 3 and 4 way drift session.

I started to learn the line... It was my first time on this layout at Kazama's track in Moriya.

My DRb is dialled in very well these days, so it was a bit of a test for it and my driving. I was a bit messy at first as I followed these guys around.

being a little shallow at times. And dropping speed. I'm used to a super tight track, so setting up for a follow on corner isn't really necessary at max one. But here at D-Link, the run to the next corner is very important.

I'm not even in the picture here.

nope, still a bit tight.

but eventually I sorted it out and it was on with the fun.

 4 way... until Tanaka's batteries gave out.

then it was left to three for about 30 minutes.

I don't know how many laps we did. But I'm glad Alex was there to capture some action.

He started to get a handle on my camera that I threw at him and I started to get dialed in closer and closer.

an unlikely threesome. Stock S14, Kazama S15 and my Super GT styled beast, but It was the driving that was cool.

I cherish these opportunities to get side by side with exceptional drivers.

It really allows you to practice your skills without fear of spins or mistakes.

 A little too shallow.

Or finding the right line. Smiles were definitely on our faces for sure.

As we tried for the perfect train.

Moments requiring adjustment and re-action times were great. 

I'm glad we could entertain my friend Alex as he continued to take great shots now. He was in the zone too.

Closer and closer.

It's not so hard being in the middle. you just go for the car in front and don't worry about the guy behind.

I find it much harder to drive a "Line" as the lead car. Anyway...

After a lot of shots and a lot of laps, we of course needed a break. I think we only stopped once... "My fault" hehe. But I think that's acceptable in a 30 minute session.

Photography by Alex Yee. Visit Club13B for 13B fans. and I'll have more rx-7 coverage on RE-Xtreme.

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