Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Max'n the Craze - Tuning!.

There's something about lifting the bonnet on a real car to a display of chrome and anodized alloy. RC is not much different. Lift the body to receive a lot of "ooh"s and "ahhh"s

When I mentioned to this car's owner last week that there was an alloy chassis and gearbox available. His eyes lit up. the plastic crap of the drift package is not a good look.

The addition is good. added weight is also ok.

You know you have the craziness when you have replaced almost everything. "Titanium TUNBUCKLES!!!" next.

The result is quite cool! RC926 parts and the Option #1 gearbox and chassis.

I know Overdose items are cool. But the plastic ta06 chassis is not. An essential for those with the standard battery compartment, but the tech racing chassis is better looking still.

I made these stickers for the MAX ONE demo chassis. They look cool!

PS. New Yokomo Lipo has been released. Cheap high capacity 4000 30C 7.4V should last a bit longer. But the 4200 70C is great but super expensive.

Marine-san's VDF II is complete. Many Overdose TA-05 upgrades and looking quite the Pretty Young Thing. He said rear traction is good as the chassis flexes a LOT! but he prefers the original VDF.

Also it's hard to arrange you Electrics in this chassis as the centre bulkhead takes up a lot of space.

Another VDF II on track today. Over-driven rear is a bit of a drama with belt tension. See the clearance for rear drive pulley! This also creates an issue for battery clearance. Check the length of those steering arms. Got Lock... Yes!

The front of the chassis is wearing eagle parts.

Many TA-06 were being set up today. Every one has a different idea. Front steering arms from overdose are good. 3mm extensions for more angle.


If you do get into this RC game. Expect to spend some cash.


  1. Hi,
    Can anyone please tell me which model the purple rc car is??
    Also the chassis and gearbox i cannot find in

    It looks amazing!!!!!

    Thanks In advance....

  2. Sorry my mistake.

    This is actually a gearbox and chassis from Rolling Park Nakano.

  3. Pink items from RC926 KN Kinkaku


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