Sunday, July 22, 2012

Samurai 86 - Update #4

85.5~86.5 is more the name I would give this car. It's not quite right. Hello Chassis!

I ripped off these chrome stickers so you can ignore that for the time being. I'm really not sure what to make of this body.

As the camera angle comes down things get a bit better.

This view is OK. but the size against the rims is not right. I mean I've already got it sitting on the deck at the front and wheels still don't come to the fender line. The ONLY way I'll be happy with this is when it's running the HPI rims.

I'm running +9 offset with an 6.5mmhub so effectively +11mm I will add more at the rear but the front is about max for clearance.

Rear still needs work too but the tuck is OK. BUT, if you were to run this with a Mustang or Camaro... then the size difference would become very very noticeable.

Yes I know the mufflers need "something." It's about 40% finished.

It's getting a BIG Fork Off GT Wing !.

ps.It's already mounted with velcro mount.

Do I like it? time will tell.

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  1. For now, No offense, man, but it looks really ugly(
    such a shame. I had big hopes for this body


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