Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yokomo DRB versions

I'm often asked about the Drb Versions, There are a few variations and options. Here is basic explanation.

Most of the changes are associated with four things.
1. the motor Mount and Bridge known as the Hyper Drive
2. the Chassis Material.
3. the Chassis Design.
4. the Aluminum color

1. Hyper Drive Bridge and Motor Mount.

The original release was the Yokomo Drift Package DRB in June 2010

This first version has since been discontinued. The thin bridge bar that connects the steering to the chassis midpoint doesn't connect to the motor mount. The chassis was considered a little too flexible and some binding on the front components is a very slight possibility.
The screw used to hold the top pulley wears out quickly therefore destroying bearings in the process.
Either sleeve this bearing or wait for bearing failure.

Not the rear of the bridge bar has 3 holes use to control chassis flex. center only or two in the outer can change the flexibility of the chassis.

Some options such as the Vertex and Overdose Chassis still require this old bridge bar.

New and current DRB Hyper Drive Special Bridge Bar is thicker and mounts directly to the motor mount.

Aluminum bridge bar bolts directly to the motor mount with no gap. this creates a solid front structure.
Also the top pulley is now mounted on a real shaft to avoid bearing collapse. 

The SSG Chassis Kit was introduced as an interim that included the new bridge and a new chassis material... we will check that is next.

2. Chassis Material

DRB Chassis is NOT carbon. It is a graphite chassis with a carbon look outer layer.
I think the stock one should be called CSG or Carbon Surface Graphite.

The Optional "SSG" version is the same black graphite centre with a Silver Surface Carbon look
That is all.

The SSG Conversion chassis Kit was introduced as an interim that included the new bridge and this SSG carbon chassis of the broad flat design which is quite stiff...

3. Chassis Design

The DRB chassis now has two versions. the Normal chassis is a wide flat stiff design that is great for using the suspension to control the car but settings have to be "right".  Normal chassis spur clearance is around 84 and with Kazama Spacer is 88.

The newest option is the Drift Package DRB Hyper Drive High Traction (HT) chassis shown above. It is available in Carbon or SSG.
It includes a few benefits.

Rear flex is higher.
A cut out for motor cooling is included.
A cut out for Spur clearance is included up to 91T 48P is ok.
The Upper desk includes an extra set of holes for a rear belt stabiliser gear. Useful when running FCD2.0, it keeps the belt further apart.

This HT chassis is very similar to the DIB.

4. Alloy Color

The DRB Aluminium parts are quite extensive. They also had a black bridge bar option.

The red and black carbon Drift Package DRB  Red version
The red and Silver SSG  Drift Package DRB Hyper Drive High Traction Red Version.

The red alloy HT versions were a limited release of 100 items.

All Sold out very quickly.

But red parts are readily available to build your own.


Overdose Silver Carbon Chassis (with steering and motor mount options)
Vertex red or Blue Alloy chassis (with motor mount options)
Kazama motor mount option.

In my opinion a great, easily serviceable high end chassis.
Designed originally from the world champion BD5 1/10 touring race chassis.

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