Thursday, July 26, 2012

Samurai 86 "STREET JACK"

I know everyone is 86'd out. But before I went to destroy the car at the track, I did get some outdoor shots.

I usually run on carpet at MAX ONE.

But in August WELD / OVERDOSE in association with MAX ONE and DRIFT MAX Akihabara will be attacking the street in Oi Town. "STREET JACK" 26 August 2012.

They are going to set up two outdoor tracks, one carpet and one asphalt. So the color on the 86 may see the sun yet.

Even without my polarising filter on the camera. There is enough depth in the clear and transparent clear to see the full effect of the chrome backing.

Even some of the imperfections in the Transparent RED simply soak up the sun. No problem.

The ol' Hachi turned out ok in the end. Makes me want to build another for some tandem...

Gold looks good! but that blue and black wheel image in all the magazines is amazing.

Or perhaps a modern Toyota TRD image. Silver White, Orange and Red.

 " Wild Rusty " at the wheel.

I like the reflections in this shot.


  1. so, is the body totally trashed now?

  2. NO far from it.
    Just a few small scars. Wheels on the door scratches on the bumpers front and rear and such.
    MAX one is not forgiving. Especially on the highway line.
    I was actually truing to get as close as possible to objects.

    I could run Kazama's track for years and not hit anything.
    But Max One has some things you are gonna hit.

    the wing stays were bent right over... I grabbed the wing on a light pole at full speed and ripped the body off it's velcro mount. HAHA

    Was the first time I'd done that!

  3. May i know what brand is this 86 body? where can i buy it only?

  4. This is a Tamiya Toyota 86.

    It is modified...
    Speed way pal fenders. (you need to stretch them too)
    Speed Way pal rear wing stays
    Yokomo BN sports FC Wing.


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